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Sada Channel is the first global Punjabi Satellite TV channel being made available from India on dish and cable platforms in many countries of World including USA, Canada, Newzealand, Australia and South Asian countries. It’s the stand-alone Punjabi venture of the HBN Group.


Besides providing family infotainment to Punjabis settled all over the globe , Sada Channel is fully programmed and conceptualized to be the first professionally run TV channel in the market of Punjabi TV crowded with the channels mainly providing sleazy stuff in the name of Punjabi Music.

Besides providing a window to the Global Punjab, Punjabi language and Punjabiat, Sada Channel is specially focusing on the activities of the punjabi community.

The channel is being telecast in U.S. with a collaboration of G-Punjabi. The news from India is aired live on this channel in collaboration with Sada Channel.

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